3. For her upcoming website and album, Laszlo Gallo releases this video teaser wich features one of her songs “Chaineless Arms”.

    Her website will be online very soon.

    Merijn van den Brand

  5. Making off: Film Uitkijken

  6. Directed by: Merijn van den Brand

    Camera: Merijn van den Brand & Joep de Boer

    All-round Assistent: Tiiu Janssen

    Post-production: Merijn van den Brand

    'Euromerikan' appears on JahOfYork's new LP (2013), 'Souuulcosmik'…

    Have a sneak listen and pre-order the new LP here:


    Connect with JahOfYork:




  7. Somewhere in a small Dutch city not too far from Belgium, exists a place and a man unknown. He sits diligently and patiently behind his screen and hardware as the drive makes contact. He then reaches over his MPC to a small but long box. He discloses the box, and the glare from within, nearly pierces his retina. A small hesitation to proceed but, now its too late and he is hypnotized and in awe. Low and behold a shimmer of the most lustrous yellow-ended cable is now within his grip. He inserts the Gouden Kabel…

    …just like any other day. The difference is THIS day was one of the mellow ones…

    Concept: Merijn van den Brand
    Camera: Merijn van den Brand
    Edit: Merijn van den Brand
    Sounddesign: Merijn van den Brand
    Design: Merijn van den Brand & Funs Janssen
    Music: Funktional J

    Special thanks to everyone involved.

  8. The Root - JahOfYork (door jahofyork)

    This is an interview and tribute to artist, JahOfYork’s hometown, Hip-hop and the persons that made his music possible. Whether directly or through inspiration, The Root stands for where you come from, high or low, far or wide. Get in touch with your own root(s) and let the world know. Its a part of who you are!


  9. futurebeet:

    J. Dilla’s Lost Scrolls / Snap Judgment, “The Reunion”

    When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he’s stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late great J Dilla, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. Along with the thousands of LP’s from Dilla’s personal collection, there is something else that is uncovered, something huge…

    Producer Pat Mesiti-Miller talks with Jeff Bubeck and Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey.

    Check out the J Dilla Foundation and some of the music found in the storage.

  12. Funktional J X Merijn van den Brand

    Upcoming video about producer Funktional J. J is a creator and composer that conjures up a beat out of the blue, where as a beatmaker is merely a musical bystander. Funktional J’s sounds are absolutely funktified to the point of NO return! In a modest tone he adds, “I’m just funktional like dat”.

    Created by: Merijn van den Brand

    Music: RU Ready - Funktional J, My Mellow Days  2013

  13. The upcoming Album from Funktional J is almost there!
    "My Mellow Days" will be available for download soon.

    Video created by: Merijn van den Brand
    Images are used from upcoming video: “Gouden Kabels”.


    Funktional J - The Groove Trip, My Mellow Days 2013
    Funktional J - The Sweet Tune, My Mellow Days 2013

  14. Akv St.joost Propedeuse
    Merijn van den Brand

    Met dank aan:
    Bryan van Belzen 
    Funs Jannsen 
    Mathijs van Kuijk 
    Dierenspeciaalzaak van Valkenburg Den Bosch

    Blokkades, iedereen heeft er wel eens mee te maken. Het lijk dan al- sof er geen goede ingeving wil binnenkomen. Het moeten denken is een zeer bezighoudend process waar je beter vanaf kunt stappen. als je dat niet kan kom je gevangen in een zee van gedachtens die er niet toe doen. Drijvend in een stroom zonder destinatie moet je een keuze maken.
    Vlucht je of durf je alles los te laten? Wat gebeurt er als je los durft te laten? Drijf je dan naar boven of zink je naar de bodem?
    Je weet het niet.

  15. Braz - Terror 

    Produced by D-pep


    Video by:

    Merijn van den Brand & M.PangPangBraz - Terror